1. Overview
  2. Efficient reuse and recycling
  3. Types of Exchanges
  4. Key benefits
  5. Rules for Selling
  6. Rules for Buying
  7. Advertise on the Directory


THERE ARE MANY WORDS AND NO PICTURES!!  - we're working on it. Contact support@matx.com.au to discuss your sustainability initiatives, request examples of how matX can work for you or to arrange a demonstration.



matX Goods and Materials Exchange is an e-commerce platform based on circular economic principles to keep resources in use and ideally where they provide optimum value.  matX works by removing the barriers to efficient reuse and recycling.

matX enables you to:

  • control your own exchanges so you can buy and sell from trusted sources, cutting down on the time it takes to vet buyers and sellers in a traditional open marketplace
  • rapidly reach multiple audiences in a prioritised way using one system (e.g. one listing can offer goods and materials internally first, then to your existing business networks then wider industry), and
  • balance highest commercial outcome with finding a buyer. The motivation to actively engage in the circular economy comes from commercial outcomes that demonstrate sustainable practice is profit not overhead.

matX allows complete flexibility for you to choose which Exchanges you would like to sell your Listing on and the priority of the Exchanges.  For each Exchange, the time advertised, purchase mechanism and cost can all be varied.  This is a brand-new concept and examples below illustrate how this functionality benefits users.

Example one:   McBuild Contractors are focused on saving money by reducing disposal, transport and purchase costs and ultimately reduce surplus or waste going to landfill.  A McBuild project lists surplus plasterboard on their company Exchange to rapidly alert their other work sites prior to offering the listing on a local industry Building Exchange.  McBuild use matX because:

  •  one listing does it all and maximises the opportunity to sell within tight project constraints
  • they like being able to set different purchase and pick up windows because it allows pick up to be planned with other site activities
  • they prefer offering goods to the Building Exchange instead of the public as they have found it more efficient to transact with likeminded people in the same industry
  • collaborating with traditional competitors creates a win-win situation when surplus goods and materials are transferred direct from a project being closed out to one that is kicking off
  • they like the efficiency of the automated dashboard reports.

Example two:   ABC University sets up several individual campus Exchanges to prioritise reuse and recycling of surplus internally.  If a resource is not needed internally, then listings are set to automatically cascade to the broader ABC University Exchange where it becomes visible to the relevant people across all campuses.  As part of their social commitment, their Building Facilities and Sustainability team have determined that if certain listings are not needed internally they will cascade to the TAFE Exchange, then Government School Exchange.

Example three:  Jane uses matX for work and has also created a private GoKart Exchange for her and members of the local club.  On this Exchange they give each other first dibs on clothing and equipment.  Active alerts and the option to automatically send email notifications to the buyer with pay details (e.g. bank accounts, PayID) is proving more efficient advertising via the club website.


matX allows you to:

  • configure email and/or SMS alerts so as to be immediately notified when a listing of interest becomes available on any of your Exchanges including the Public Exchange.  Active marketing to target groups supports rapid transactions which is exactly what’s needed when time is at a premium

  • reduce reporting effort. The automated Exchange Dashboards display real time costs, volume of material reused, and material diverted from landfill which can be used to track and evidence sustainability performance.



  Real or perceived barriers to efficient reuse and recycling matX solves this by:
  Unconsolidated or no business systems make it difficult to meet sustainability targets. 
  • Easily connect projects, worksites and plant yards within organisations using “internal” Exchanges
  • Easily connect across industry with “external” Exchanges
  • Ultimate flexibility to create, invite and leave Exchanges in accordance with your business needs
  Limited resources
  • Human centered design ensures all information required for efficient transactions is captured quickly and easily
  • Set a listing up once and it will automatically cascade through Exchanges as prioritorised by the seller
  • Automated reporting
  Difficulties identifying and connecting with buyers to meet time and storage space constraints often results in surplus and/or waste materials being sent to landfill
  • Active marketing of each listing through email and/or SMS alerts to Exchange members based on their preferences
  • Having a cascade of Exchanges maximise the opportunity for reuse and recycling and supports the “trickle down” economy
  Non-standardised, non-consolidated data makes it difficult to efficiently and accurately report against sustainability targets and other KRA metrics
  • Objective evidence of benefits through real time reporting of sustainable and commercial performance
  • Builds business intelligence and comprehensive data sets for further research and innovation
  • VPN link to matX SQL database enables user to configure and integrate reporting e.g. Asset Managers have real time access to registers of assets sold
  The effort to reuse and recycle is not commensurate to the financial return
  • The cost and purchase mechanism can vary per Exchange to either reduce capital expenditure (“internal” Exchanges) or extract value (“external” Exchanges)
  • Rapid selling of surplus goods and materials extracts value and potentially avoids transportation, storage and landfill costs
  Changing organisational structures and turnover of staff
  • Exchange membership is both agile and flexible. Users can set up, be invited to join or opt out of any Exchange.
  • An Exchange Manager controls membership and user permissions. An Exchange Manager role can easily be transferred from one user to another
  • All user accounts are individual.



There are three types of Exchanges.  




    Business Exchanges Public Exchange and Private Exchanges
  • Medium to very large businesses and/or as a collaboration across several organisations  
  • Small businesses, Interest groups, private individuals
  • matX order form (contact support@matx.com.au)
  • Terms and Conditions (on website)
  • Privacy Policy (on website)
  • Terms and Conditions (on website)
  • Privacy Policy (on website)
  • Fully supported web-based platform
  • Fully supported web-based platform
  Annual fees
  • Annual subscription fee based on number of members
  • None
  Posting fees
  • None
  • Fee per posting (initially free)
  Exchange member permissions
  • Members can be set permissions including managing other members and who can create, approve and edit listings.  See NICE TO KNOW for description of member permissions
  • All members have the same permissions (essentially full authority to buy and sell)
  Active marketing
  • Yes - email and SMS alerts
  • Yes - email and SMS alerts
  Automated GST invoicing
  • Yes - optional
  • Yes - optional
  Dashboard and reporting
  • Exchange Dashboards.
  • Optional to export all transaction data to excel™ spreadsheet
  • VPN link to their matX SQL database
  • Exchange Dashboards.
  • Optional to export all transaction data to excel™ spreadsheet
  • Refer to website pages How it works, Nice to know and FAQ in the first instance. Email support  support@matX.com.au



The core purpose of matX is to improve economic value through embedding circular economy principles into infrastructure procurement activities:


  • better utilisation of goods and materials both internally and across collaborating organisations including visibility to pull in resources from other sectors
  • supporting the reuse and recycling of both high volume and high value materials and everything in between
  • reducing transportation, storage and disposal costs
  • tracking benefit realisation, avoiding manual reporting and tying up key resources
  • being an active system that alerts potential buyers (via email and/or SMS) when specific listing becomes available on Exchange of which they are a member of increases the opportunity for reuse or recycling within project time constraints.

Improved sustainability is an outcome of improved resource reuse:

  • matX provides real time data associated with reducing materials and waste which may help acheive Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) credits.  There is potential for other credits e.g. social credits for the “trickle down” of goods and resources, economic credits for through increased transparency and best utilisation of resources.  Being an Australia first, and we believe a world first, there may be potential to score an additional ISCA points with early adoption
  • matX aligns with a number of key documents including:
    • Sustainability Victoria’s Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan, 2018
    • State of Victoria Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s Recycling Industry Strategic Plan, 2018
    • UK Green Building Council, Circular Economy Guidance for Construction Clients, 2019



a.  Prior to using matX works, ensure you have read HOW IT WORKS, NICE TO KNOW, the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, all available on the matx.com.au website.

b.  To list each item, first the seller must tick the boxes confirming that:

  • they either own the item(s) being listed or have permission from the owner to sell the item
  • that they have accurately described the item(s) condition and classification, including fully disclosing any known contamination or safety risks, and all applicable testing data
  • that they have accurately described any site access conditions or constraints.

c.  The Seller is to provide accurate and prompt feedback to potential Buyers queries.

d.  The Seller does not have to accept a Buyer’s offer, even if it is the highest bid.  For example, if the Buyer is known to turn up to collect goods without the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) the Seller can choose not to accept that Buyer’s offer and repost the Listing.

e.  Negotiations may happen on site, at the point of transaction.  This is only expected to happen where there is a discrepancy in either quantities or condition and it is to be worked out directly between the Buyer and Seller.  matX is not responsible for negotiations, nor will matX hold either the Buyer or Seller to the transaction if there is not mutual agreement between the parties.

f.  Payment options (including PayID and PayPal) enable the Seller can have proof funds have been transferred prior to releasing the item(s).  matX takes no responsibility for the service of these payment providers. 

g.  The Sellers or Seller’s representative should be prepared to show Authentication Documentation on the Buyer or Buyer’s representative’s request.  The Seller may ask the same of the Buyer or Buyer’s representative.

h.  matX relies on good will and lawful practice.  Users may be banned from matX if they break the rules.  A Seller and Buyer feedback and rating system is coming soon. 



a.  Prior to using matX works, ensure you have read HOW IT WORKS, NICE TO KNOW, the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, all available on the matx.com.au website.

b.  The Buyer accepts the terms outlined by the Seller, including, as applicable, picking up the goods and materials at the agreed time and location, including turning up with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and adequate transport if applicable.

c.  The Buyer will comply with all Seller’s Occupational, Health and Safety provisions, including those specific to the pickup location if applicable.

d.  As per “RULES FOR SELLING” above:

  • potential Buyers can contact the Seller to ask questions
  • the Sellers does not have to accept a Buyer’s offer, even if it is the highest bidder
  • negotiations may happen on site, at the point of transaction
  • the Seller may request proof funds have been transferred prior to releasing the item
  • the Buyer should request to see Seller’s Authentication Documentation and Seller may ask the same of the Buyer
  • users may be banned from matX if they break the rules
  • a Seller and Buyer feedback and rating system is coming soon



If you have a related service or product, matX may help differentiate your business with Clients that value sustainable outcomes.


Contact support@matx.com.au to discuss your sustainability initiatives, request examples of how matX can work within your field, sector or industry or to arrange a demonstration.