With the escalating costs of resources and waste disposal and global focus on sustainability, industries are actively seeking ways to improve and benefit from efficient reuse and recycling of goods and materials.  

We’ve found that there is a lot of opportunity for improvement but we also recognise that practical barriers have been stopping reuse from happening efficiently or effectively.  These barriers include the fragmented nature of industries (and some companies), time criticality, lack of space, lack of standardisation, agility to work with projects and changing organisation structures, turnover of staff and effort being commensurate to the return. 

 The problem of HOW TO CREATE SUBSTIANIAL VALUE FROM SUSTAINABLE PRACTICE?  got hold of our imagination and became the motivation to invest in technology that supports industry collaboration and value creation.  Our start point was to develop a product that removed barriers and would help move sustainability from overhead to profitability.

The result is matX, goods and materials exchange.  matX is an innovative e-commerce platform based on circular economic principles to keep resources in use and ideally where they provide optimum value.

We’ve designed matX easy to use and flexible, enabling matX work with government agencies, industries, small businesses and the public across Australia and internationally.  Our dream is for matX to integrate with and augment your existing sustainable practices. 

Sustainable practice is everyone's business, and it is good for business.

We're proud of matX and believe it is going to make a difference. See what matX could do for you!!

Kind regards,

Cherie Lee and the matX team